Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Avalica

Avalica has established this privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to protecting information provided upon request or collected on this website (Site) and applications (App) where this Privacy Policy is posted.

This privacy policy may be updated by us from time to time and we’ll provide notice of any materially significant changes to this privacy policy by posting a notice here.

Information We Collect

We collect personal information (as defined in this policy) and technical information (as defined in this policy) and we may combine the personal and technical information (Data) to create a third type of information, which we may refer to collectively as “Data” in this Privacy Policy.

We collect the following:

  • Personal information you provide when you get a “Pass” on Avali (store) checkout. This type of personal information may include name, phone number, postal address, email address and country.
  • Other information you provide when you interact with our Site such may include but not limited to Internet IP of your connected device and certain payment information during store transaction. We collect this sensitive information with your consent if required by law, and we make every effort to protect and limit any use of it to only the purposes for which it was collected.
  • When you connect to our Site, we may use certain technical and usage information you provide, such as: connected device type and its operating system, user agent (browser), your Internet service provider or mobile carrier, unique device identifier, IP address, device and browser settings, and certain Site usage information. See our Cookies section for more information on how we may use technology to collect this information.
Use of Data We Collect

The information we collect is only for the purpose outlined in this policy and disclosed at the time provided or with your consent.

Delivery of content:

We may use information we collect to secure seamless delivery of our products and services to your connected device to our Site. We also use the information you provide to enable you a secure access to a content on our Site personalized just for you based on interest and consent you provided.

Communication about events and content:

With the information you provide, we collect when you use our Site may help us communicate with you about events and updates of interest that may enhance your experience. We may also send notifications to you based on the personalized information that you provided.

Technical and usage Data:

We may use the technical and usage information we collect to enhance the design and functionality of our Site and to help us to tailor the content we deliver to enrich your personal experience.


We also may use Information we collect to detect, investigate, and block activities on our Site that may violate the terms of use, infringe on copyright, could be outright illegal, to respond to lawful inquiry, and to safeguard our rights and those of our other subscribers.

Data Sharing And Disclosure

We do not share, rent, sell or disclose information you provide, and we collect with any other entity except in the following ways:

  1. With your consent for the purpose disclosed at the time of collection such as payment processing, we may disclose.
  2. We may also disclose information in response to legal requirement, court order or subpoena, and to respond to law enforcement request.
  3. We may share information with a third party such as law enforcement agency in connection with fraud prevention activities.
  4. Information may be shared or disclosed in cases to investigate, prevent or combat activities of illegal nature or violations of our terms of use.
  5. When protection of our rights, and the rights and safety of others are at stake, information may be disclosed as required by law.

We may transfer your data in the event of changes in our business structure, such as reorganization including spin-off, merger with another entity and/or acquisition.

Our affiliates that perform services for us may gain access to your Data to enable them perform their job for us, in the areas of creation, maintenance, hosting, and delivery of our Site, products and services, conduct outreach, public relations, handle payments, email and subscription fulfillment, conduct research and analytics, or subscriber relationship service.

If a situation arises that would require us to share Data with unaffiliated third parties which we disavowed to do, you shall be provided with an opportunity to opt out of such uses either at the point of collection or through consenting facility set forth in this Privacy Policy. To learn more about this option, please see our OPTING OUT section below.

There may be links to other sites from our Site, including Social Media Sites, whose information practices may be different from our own, Data you provide to other sites will be governed by their privacy policies and terms.

We may also from time to time offer content or products sponsored by or co-branded with identified third entities. By the nature of these relationships, the other entities may collect or obtain Data from subscribers that participate in the activity. We maintain no control over these other entities use of this Data. We always encourage you to do your due diligence to review the information practices prior to providing Data through a posted notification for your consent.

Opting Out

We provide you with an opportunity to express your preferences with respect to receiving certain outreach from us, and our sharing of your Data with unaffiliated parties. If you ever decide in the future to rescind your consent to be associated with this activity, send an email to To opt out of receiving email outreach, you can also follow the \\"unsubscribe\\" link provided in the email content you receive from us.

If you previously agreed to receive push notifications from us on your mobile device, but no longer wish to continue receiving them, you can manage these options through account settings at our dashboard. If you chose to receive text messages from us and no longer wish to receive such messages, you may follow the instructions to stop the delivery of such communications, which may include replying \\"STOP\\" to the text message.

We may use cookies, web beacons, pixels, software development kits (SDK) or similar technologies to collect information across our websites, apps over a period of time to perform this activity. We may also use this data to associate your different browsers and devices together for purposes like research, analytics, fraud prevention, and improving user experience.

The Data you provide, and we collect on our Site is used solely for the purpose it\\'s collected which may include security of our Site, research, analytics and internal operations. Note that we do not engage in any interest-based advertising, or any solicitation activity whatsoever and therefore would not track you in the Internet.

You may need to review your preferences on your connected device depending on the operating system (iOS for Apple phones, Android for Android devices, and Windows for Microsoft devices) which provide their own instructions on how to manage and/or limit the delivery of pop-up advertisement based on location tracking.

Cookies and Other Technical Data

We use cookies or similar technologies to store guests\\' preferences and to record session information at our Site.

Cookies are tiny text files placed on your computer and the browser uses it to securely receive premium content from our server. The technical and usage information we collect such as IP address enables our App to identify the user privileges to access certain content on our Site.

We may use cookies and other technologies to help recognize your connected device and App, maintain your preferences, provide certain Site features, and collect Data about your activity on our Site, our content, and our communications.

We may also use cookies and other technologies:

  1. To protect, and improve our Site, personalize content, develop apps, and maintain services and to operate our business,
  2. To measure traffic, including to analyze and report on usage and performance of our Site and outreach content,
  3. To protect against, identify, and prevent fraud and other unlawful activity, and
  4. To measure traffic pattern and block unauthorized access to our Site, programs, and content.

Cookies and other technologies also facilitate, manage, and measure the performance of content delivered by site. By using the Site, whether as a subscriber or otherwise, you acknowledge, and agree that you are giving us your consent to track your activities and your use of the Site through the technologies described above, as well as similar technologies developed in the future, and that we may use such tracking technologies in the emails we send to you.

Cookies can either be persistent (resides on your computer until deleted) or temporary (terminates upon browser exit). Check your browser settings to learn how to delete cookies.

You may adjust your browser to reject cookies from us or from any other website. Controlling cookies via browser controls may not limit our use of other technologies. Please consult your browser’s settings for more information. However, blocking cookies or similar technology might prevent you from accessing some of our content or Site features.

Our Site neither use Google Analytics nor any other third-party Analytics to track, collect or analyze traffic.

See the Opting Out section to learn how to control data collection for certain purposes.


Our Pass is an access token that cannot be canceled once paid for and generated until it expires. Our Pass is non-refundable and valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Data Security

We have in place robust access controls designed to secure the personal information we collect on our Site. However, absolute security does not exist, therefore we cannot assure you that personal information you provide will never be accessed or used in an unauthorized way.

How To Correct Information

To make corrections or update the personal information you provided on our Site where this Privacy Policy is posted, please log on to your Pass and follow the link on the dashboard to the account page.

Children And Privacy

On our Site which this Privacy Policy is posted, a Pass is always needed to access content. Hence to buy a Pass some personal information such as payment method is required and therefore, we do not knowingly collect information from children without a parent\\'s or guardian's consent.

Notification Regarding Updates to this Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy at some time in the future when there is a material change to our information practices. We will post the policy changes on our Site along with a notice and encourage you to check back periodically and review this policy to stay abreast of our current privacy policies.

How to reach us

If you wish to communicate to us or have any question about this Privacy Policy, you may reach us at the address below:

Mailing Address:

Avalica, LLC
PO Box 7901
Wilmington, DE 19803
Email: click here