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He made me with the strength of a young eagle

For the love of humanity

We examine the generous care available to every living thing on planet earth made possible by Providence.

Avalica is a media publishing platform devoted to the examination and publishing of the divine reality on earth for a fact that knowledge of the divine is the doorway to understanding.

This is a not a religious matter as some reading this might surmise.

It's about the earth with everything inhabiting it which has existed before religion became a thing, hence the articulation that planet earth is provided for by a divine entity and religion are mutually exclusive in reality.

Humankind is complex, treacherous, exploitative, destructive and yet most elegant entity on the face of the earth; diverse in color, race, nationality, language, height, size, skills and much more.

Nothing is more important than food for the belly, covering for the body and shelter from the elements; and in all these, the earth still provides abundant resources to sustain all that calls it home.

Therefore at Avalica  we promote and attest to the truth foundational to the freedom and endurance of the humankind.