Do not turn aside from following the rule of Law for therein lies the salvation of God

8.5" x 5.5"

In God We Trust

The righteousness of God

Trial of the United States

Ivagaldy got a job to do
But should those who received so much from a nation,
And strive to undermine the system that brought them forth
Considered patriots and left unencumbered to achieve that mission.
God says Ivagaldies have no right to bear My covenant on their lips
Should the United States replace the ideal that gave liberty to so many
With an ideology that wants to supplant self rule.
Look around people!
Except to the north, where it’s calm
Yet they come to America for artistic expression.
Otherwise from the east, the west, and the south
They come to America to escape lawlessness and anarchy
Perpetrated by men hungry for power and control
Shame you can see it but not perceive
‘Cause you’re the children of Ivagaldy indeed, the Lord said.
Tell you what now the children gather at rallies
And their leader makes incendiary speeches
But these people get it that they own the stage now
They prefer the lies of their leader to the ideal
And cast the constitution behind them
They unleash their voices for hate
And unharness their tongue for deceit.
You have done these things, and God kept silent;
You thought you’re in the right, the right you say
But now consider this,
God is ready to rebuke you for elevating violence
Above the rule of Law.




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