Righteousness alone makes a nation great

8.5" x 5.5"

Resist Adversary Within

For a more perfect union

Righteousness first makes America great

The United States of America,
a nation with an exceptional ideal.
Before she was born,
no other nation existed
with a government of, by and for
the people anywhere on earth.
No king required.
Nobles not needed.
Patriotism encouraged.
Time and again adversaries sought to overthrow her.
But the hand of the Most High
keeps steadying her.
And she always comes back roaring like
a wounded lion on course correction.
The Most High has purposed
a model nation, an ideal mountain
rule of Law wherein prevails and flourishes;
the lowly alongside the privileged thrives,
the peasant succeeds,
the oppressed healed,
the persecuted from far and wide arrives,
the wretched uplifted,
none of these accomplished by human hand
but by Providence,
the righteousness of the Most High
who with His right hand sustains.




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