Prayer for potus

Postcard: Prayer for potus

Dear 46th:

A leader who heeds the teachings of the Most High and does right is like the sunrise on a cloudless day and a servant of God.

I pray the Good Lord:
renews your strength like that of a young eagle,
makes His ways known to you, and,
helps you mount up and ride the wind.
May you never become weary or faint;
Wise leadership is the antidote America needs now,
one who can lead her past the divisive poison.
at this moment in time you’re that leader.
with a deficit of support you started out;
never been any potus in 246,
whose rival though beaten, conceded not,
disregarded court verdicts,
and with impunity, coerced his posse to break the law.
one who desires power by cunning as
the erstwhile potus, a nuisance constituted he
against the Sovereign Lord and the people.
though an object of scorn team Ivagaldy made you,
the Good Lord will shield you, and
make you successful
for our freedom and the republic.

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