Anyone humble, honest and wise should make a worthy shepherd regardless of age

civics first

Your vote is your voice

The United States of America,
from its founding document and amendments,
has struggled into a nation under the rule of Law.
By the sustained effort of a few good men and women,
who possess extraordinary faith in endeavoring,
to make her an exception among the nations.
Generations past have fought courageously to make
the promise of this republic more perfect;
So do not let down those brave men and women past and present!
Do not allow the magnificent vision of the founders to falter!
Do not watch while the dream of generations to come fades away!
This union provides a glimpse into the loving-kindness of
the Most High:
a multitude of people from every race, tribe, nationality, and language,
live as one entity in harmony under heaven;
foreshadowing a new earth to come.
Hence resist with vigor the adversary who seeks to imperil
our freedom and the republic.

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