Rule of Law

Donkey-Kiss: Rule of Law

Chapter 1

Any nation without enough good citizens to resist the evil schemes of the wicked portion is bound to experience darkness until such a time the reign of evil is brought down by divine intervention or upon its expiry.

This is a compelling account of the enduring compassion
of the Most High to nurture just governance for all humankind,
which can be characterized as the Rule of Law,
a faithful principle invariably anchored in His Providence.
History reflects the failed attempts of humankind at
building empires and kingdoms that were neither anchored
in the Rule of Law nor the principle of justice for all.
Consider the nation of ancient Israel,
the Most High set apart as the model for others,
failed to live by the laws and teachings given to them.
And to accomplish His divine purpose,
they were dispersed throughout all nations.
Hence, any nation that is committed to elevating honest,
selfless individuals in positions of authority,
who are disinclined to be influenced by corruption,
and who work for the common good of the people to reach
a shared destiny through respect for the Rule of Law,
is a great nation and resembles a fruitful branch of the vine
that would remain prosperous until the end of time.



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