Measure of good sense

Clockwise: Measure of good sense

Episode 1

Clockwise, a shout-out to good sense and sound judgment which as the embodiment of wisdom could be savvy companions to keep especially when nothing in life adds up. They would never fail you if you pay close attention anytime you need clarity. A fool cannot possess them, the ignorant lacks the grasp, and everything falls into place with a hold of the duo for those who possess wisdom.

Truth can never be minimized,
even if it is the desire of many.
Trust in things one can see lasts for the moment
while trust in the Father
who made everything perfect
endures indefinitely.
He is awesome,
the best and greatest
and He shews unconditional love
to those children
that seek Him earnestly;
preserving generation upon generation
that honor Him.
He laid the foundation of creation,
and established the universe.
He prepared earth for habitation and
proceeded to populate it with objects.
Suppose someone reading this may doubt it and
think that somehow everything
came to be by happenstance
which is farther from the truth.



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