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Jun 2, 2022, 6:23 pm Staff Writer

Portrait of a great nation

Righteousness first makes a nation great

It’s written, a righteous government, the ingathering of a great multitude of every nationality, tribe, race, and language shall occur to manifest the promise of the Father; the opposer toppled and violence extinguished.

The faithfuls as well as the children longed for
this nation which belongs:
not to any race,
not to any language,
not to any tribe,
not to any ideology,
but a divine provision.
standing as the cedar of Lebanon;
in some measure an exceptional entity of other nations.
if you cherish her,
you are in good company.
George Washington and company fought the foe,
The founding fathers withstood the test,
Abraham Lincoln fought her detractors,
veterans of every generation braved her trials;
honest men and women rose against the adversaries;
so what are you waiting for?
arise and stand in with
these United States of a dream.