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Dec 5, 2022, 10:16 pm Staff Writer


To prosper and live in tranquility depend largely on the inclination to walk in the fear of the righteous one and in the comfort of the spirit of truth.

The world is dangerously trending towards anarchy that may eventually lead to turmoil. The condition already turned perilous in many countries, which cannot be understated.

Propaganda, disinformation and misinformation are the tools deployed by the agents who use legal structures to reach targets, and it does not matter if the target is an individual or a population group as long as the target is accommodating and/or willing to participate in the act.

At this critical point in time, suffice it to say, every person alive suffers the impact in one form or another as it's always with collateral damage. In the overall scheme of things, even the most faithful ones become casualties, one way or another.

Therefore let the truth within you and grace manifest your destiny because destiny undeniably impacts destination in life.